6 Ways to Display Your Skincare Products Online

Georgia Nield

Using plain white stock images to promote products sold in your clinic is common practice. However, we believe, whilst it looks clean and clinical, it’s a little boring - sorry!

This works to display products on your online store etc. but for ads and social media promotion, it just isn’t eye-catching enough! 

Here are a few ideas to inspire your future product promotions.

1 Sleek and Simple

A nice, clean design, with the product taking centre stage is a great way to promote it. Adding an extra bit of detail (such as a shelf), or pop of colour, or even water effect just takes the photo that one extra step from plain to eye-catching.

2 Products in use

Positioning the product in an ideal usage situation allows the viewer to envisage themselves using it.

There is a sneaky psychological trick to be seen with these photos regarding orientation. According to psychologists, someone is more drawn to a product in a photo if the user matches their hand orientation (i.e. left- or right-handed), for example, this photo is more likely to appeal to right-handed people as that is the dominant hand in the photo.

3 Lifestyle Setting

Building an ideal lifestyle for your consumer will build desire towards the product. Showing it in a more personable situation, such as on a dressing table, will also help in the viewer seeing themselves using the product.

4 The science behind the product

This works particularly well for specialist products. Giving the impression of all of the work and research behind the product that makes it perfect for a certain skin issue.

5 Botanical themed

Showing off the ingredients or fragrances of a product provides a great visual. It can also encourage people to imagine the scent more easily by seeing the physical plant/ fruit etc. that produces that smell. Also, they're just incredibly aesthetically pleasing!

6 Humorous

Adding a bit of humour here and there adds a personal side to your brand. Also, who doesn’t love to see a cute pup on your social media newsfeed?!

Now, this isn’t to say that you have to go away and hire a professional photographer to get photos like these. There are plenty of stock photos out there as well as the branded products’ own images, just make sure you receive permission to use them and credit the source where applicable. 

If you don’t want to give it a go yourself, have a browse on places like Pinterest and Instagram for some great inspiration. TikTok also has an amazing amount of handy tips and tricks for great photography - even from your phone.

Understanding the importance of appealing imagery and what type of content works for your audience is key to any digital marketing strategy. With our years of experience, we can help grow your audience and boost engagements, eventually generating leads for your business. Contact us to see how we can help you.