The Esthetica Digital

Esthetica Digital is a brand new type of consultancy, one that understands that in order to stay ahead of the competition we need to be constantly improving, constantly learning and constantly questioning the status quo.

What makes us different?

We believe that we have created a “new customer acquisition process" that is second to none. A process that combines a comprehensive range of complimentary online and offline marketing activities that, together, Identify, Target, Engage, Inspire, Contact, and even Close, new prospects for your business.

Case Study One: 

We set up and manage effective profit-making pay-per-click campaigns. 

During 2022, we were instructed by a new clinic that was looking for customers for Laser Hair Removal, Dermal fillers, and PDO Threads.

During the 12-month campaign we generated 391 conversions at only £21.00 per conversion. 

How do we find new customers?

We use your existing customer profiles to create lookalike audiences on Social Media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

We combine these profiles with advanced targeting to find new customers and raise awareness of your business with proven promotional advertising methods.

Our ads are designed to raise awareness, create interest, and ultimately drive visitors to your website.

Visitors are nice but leads are better, right?

That's why we use highly advanced interactive chatbots to welcome each new visitors. Bots that offer your prospective customers a browsing experience they have probably never seen before.

Answering their questions, and delivering just the right content, but more importantly collecting valuable information in order to qualify the customer's requirements, and capture contact details.

How do we turn those leads into customers?

In a lot of cases, our leads are sufficiently qualified to call or email and make an appointment. You can do this your self or we can do this for you.

If they are not convinced then we continue to engage and inspire with bespoke, personalised communications via email that delivers a constant flow of relevant and informative content designed to further build trust and authority.

Each communication includes strong calls to action designed to persuade the prospect to book a consultation.

In a nutshell

We give your website the ability to be so much more than just be an online brochure. We can give it the functionality to help your customers, whatever they want, and deliver information in a way that builds trust, creating individual journeys that make the customer feel that your site was built just for them.

Case Study Two:

We have found that Google Paid ads are extremely effective in generating bookings for aesthetics clinics.
In 2023 we ran multiple campaigns for a client in the North West, generating over 90,000 impressions and 209 conversions at a cost of only £17.20 per conversion. 

Total cost £6,500 - Total revenue - Over £100,000

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